About Power Brushes, Inc.

Power Brushes, Inc. manufactures high-quality brushes, supplying industries where the brush is a critical component in the process. Our company founders built a solid foundation of innovative solutions, superior quality products with prompt delivery, and a commitment to individualized customer service. These traits continue to define our business today.

Over the years, we have advanced our equipment and facilities to better meet our customers’ unique needs. With an unwavering commitment to personalized service, prompt delivery and high quality, Power Brushes, Inc. continuously strives to exceed customer expectations.

Power Brushes, Inc. is a family-run business that showcases our core values in all we do. In order to meet customer demands at the highest level of expertise, we have a full in-house machine shop with manufacturing facilities in Toledo, Ohio, and Portland, Oregon.  We are thankful for the contributions of our experienced, highly skilled, dedicated team and outstanding vendor network that help us provide competitive pricing and products that achieve customer goals.

We Design and Build Engineered Brushes

Power Brushes, Inc. is happy to assist you with any custom brush application. Our experiences include a wide range of industrial, agricultural, scientific or “one of a kind” specialty brushes. New designs, concepts, prototypes, and experimental brushes are welcome. Like many of you, we enjoy a challenge! We manufacture brushes in a variety of sizes and shapes in numerous materials including nylons, synthetics, horse hair, natural grown vegetable fibers and both ferrous and non-ferrous wires. Small quantities are not a problem because we don’t have a minimum requirement.

We have produced brushes as small as a dime to as large as 25 feet in length, using material as fine as .003″ and as large as .080″ diameter. Our niche is applications where the brush is critical to the customer’s production process.

For those needing a cylindrical brush, we can rebrush your existing core, repair damaged or worn journals as well as supply you with a complete new core and brush assembly. If you use straight brush strips, we keep a variety of brush holders on hand to assist you in positioning them. Let our experienced sales staff help you design a brush suited to your special application. If you are already a brush user, let us provide you a competitive quote. Power Brushes, Inc. is a company that has your best interest in mind.

Tool and Die to Production

To insure our ability to serve our customers on “their time schedule” and control quality and delivery, Power Brushes, Inc. has a full service machine shop within our organization. In 2008 Power Brushes acquired Taft Tool & Production, who for many years has been a key vendor in helping us provide for our customers needs. For those looking for a turn key project involving a single part to production quantities, Power Brushes, Inc. can deliver!

Let us become one of your BEST vendors

It is our belief that a company is only as good as the total sum of its employees and vendors. Learning and developing the skills to make quality “custom” brushes takes many years. We are very proud of our employees and their dedication to the brush trade. Our average brush maker has over 17 years experience and our office averages over 15 years in exceeding our customers’ expectations in sales and service. We are a company that appreciates the contributions of our skilled and loyal employees.

High quality demands are placed on our vendors, and only those that can consistently meet our needs remain as key suppliers. We recognize and appreciate their contribution to our continued success. Some of these vendors are listed here.

Do unto others…

In every industry there is one company that does it the best; Power Brushes, Inc. strives to maintain that distinction.

When the application and delivery are crucial, Power Brushes is the company to call.

If the brush application or delivery is critical...
Power Brushes, Inc. is the company to call!
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