If the brush application or delivery is critical... 
Power Brushes, Inc. is the company to call!

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For over 52 years, Power Brushes, Inc. has been manufacturing the highest quality brushes in the industry. In 1957, the original founders Jack Grogan, Gerard Parseghian and Varkes Tavtigian built a solid foundation of innovative solutions, superior quality products with prompt delivery and a commitment to individualized customer service. These traits continue to be our mission today. Our core business remains serving those where the brush is critical to our customers operations. Over the years, our advancements in equipment and facilities have been based on how to better serve our customers unique needs. With an unwavering commitment to personalized service, prompt delivery and high quality, Power Brushes, Inc. continuously strives to exceed our customers expectations.

Today Power Brushes, Inc. is still a family run business that maintains these same core values. To better serve our customers, in early 2009 we added the service of a full in-house machine shop, ensuring that we will continue to meet all customer demands at the highest level of expertise. We are thankful for the contributions of our experienced, highly skilled, dedicated team and outstanding vendor network that continually help us provide competitive pricing strategies and products to help you achieve your goals.

If the brush application or delivery is critical, Power Brushes, Inc. is the company to call!